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Episode 12 Part 2 - Ricky Sutton on Oovvuu’s fight to restore traditional media

[fa icon="calendar"] 04/09/2018 8:00:00 AM / by Lucy Courtenay

Lucy Courtenay

Facebook, Twitter and Google have come under fire for their roles in spreading misinformation and fake news. Collectively they have removed $20 billion in revenue from the media industry including traditional media publishers and broadcasters. As a result, many of us struggle to find information which is legitimate and real in a world of “fake” news.


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Oovvuu is on a mission to solve this issue. Traditional media sources have kept governments, politicians, and corporations in-line, accountable and responsible for their actions. Traditional media reported and printed on issues of concern, they broke the silence, revealed cover ups and are responsible for individuals and corporation being brought before a court of law.

As media organisations struggle to maintain advertising revenues, news and editorial teams are shrinking and the quality of journalism is being challenged. News organisations around the world are relinquishing advertising revenue to social platforms. Building new revenue streams are critical not only to the survival of media and news organisations but also their ability to maintain and deliver quality journalism.





News consumption is exploding and video creation is soaring, with viewing at an all-time high. Oovvuu’s technology intends to put a contextually relevant video in every newspaper article around the world. They have done this in three ways:


  1. By uploading every video from every broadcaster from around the world, onto the cloud. Oovvuu currently has over 100 broadcasters contribute on a daily basis.
  2. Read every article in the world. Oovvuu has a partnership with IBM to read 90k publishers in real time which equates to 26 million articles.
  3. Oovvuu’s built technology combines points one and two and brings video to every article. This type of technology didn’t exist before. The product called Compass and it reads the context of articles and videos across multiple languages and matches them together.

Oovvuu is changing the way video is watched, distributed and monetised. More than 50 broadcasters and publishers already trust Oovvuu’s solutions to distribute video to millions of people in 113 countries every day. This solution allows the media industry to tap into legitimate video sources of material that is reputable, validated and reliable from trusted sources. Thus reducing the impact of “fake” news on legitimate new sources.

Oovvuu combines this with the latest technology in a way that is mind-blowingly powerful and allows AI to do all of the heavy-lifting.



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Lucy Courtenay

Written by Lucy Courtenay