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Episode 10 Part 4 - Deepak Natarajan on Startup Investing opportunities in Southeast Asia

[fa icon="calendar"] 18/06/2018 8:00:00 AM / by Lucy Courtenay

Lucy Courtenay

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A lot of the Australian Startups tend to expand their offering internationally and go to New Zealand, US, UK and Canada. And this is an O.K strategy, but the competitive dynamics are so significant in those countries, that its not going to be easy to take these markets by storm.

Southeast Asia is a little less fierce in competition, in comparison to other parts of the world. So Australian Startups should seriously consider launching in Southeast Asia first. Singapore is one of the world’s wealthiest country-states. Indonesia, despite having the highest GDP of countries in Southeast Asia, is home to a large unbanked population, with many people still relying heavily on cash. In 2017, the Philippines — despite an unpopular president and political unrest — was highlighted by Forbes as the 10th fastest-growing economy in the word. For further details on Southeast Asia Tech Market see CB Insights Blog

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The USA is a $20 trillion dollar economy, where the competition to enter the market is tight. 9 of the top 10 companies in the world are from the USA, 37 of the top 50 are from the USA. 73 of the top 100 are from the USA, so carving out your slice of the market, your startup is competing with an embedded understanding of how to build great technology products and take them to market.


Southeast Asia is only a $500 billion dollar market, with limited competition. An Australian Startup could enter the the market much more easily and gain a greater proportion of the market, in comparison to entering into one of the four english speaking countries. Australian Startups and founders are ahead in knowing how to build in a technology enabled company, in comparison to our southeast Asian counterparts.


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Lucy Courtenay

Written by Lucy Courtenay