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Episode 13 Part 4 - Glenn Butcher on why company culture is key.

Episode 13 Part 3 - Glenn Butcher - Having a rigorous recruitment strategy

Episode 13 Part 2 - Glenn Butcher - The importance of product-market fit

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Episode 12 Part 4 - Ricky Sutton from Oovvuu on artificial intelligence

Episode 12 Part 3 - Ricky Sutton from Oovvuu on the accountability for social media

Episode 12 Part 2 - Ricky Sutton on Oovvuu’s fight to restore traditional media

Episode 12 Part 1 - Ricky Sutton on overcoming adversity to build a successful Startup

Episode 11 Part 4 - Chris Sang on the benefits of a pivot.

Episode 11 Part 3 - How to pick a Unicorn Startup

Episode 11 Part 2 - Benefits of investing in Venture Capital

Episode 11 Part 1 - Chris Sang on Australian Startups in USA Accelerator programmes

Why you shouldn't be an angel investor in start-ups

Episode 10 Part 4 - Deepak Natarajan on Startup Investing opportunities in Southeast Asia

Episode 10 Part 3 - Deepak Natarajan on Private v’s Corporate Venture Capital

Episode 10 Part 2 - To be a Unicorn Startup, you need to think globally.

Episode 10 Part 1 - The 13 year technology cycle of Silicon Valley

Episode 9 Part 3 - Elaine Stead on VC in Australia: Why now is a great time to get involved

Episode 9 Part 2 - Elaine Stead on Overcoming Obstacles: Commercialising Australia’s research

Episode 9 Part 1 - Elaine Stead on Pitching: Five tips for dealing with rejection

Episode 8 Part 3 - David Shein on How Venture Capitalists Can Add Value Beyond Their Cheque Book

Episode 8 Part 2 - David Shein on Why So Many Early Stage Investors Follow Their Gut

Episode 8 Part 1 - David Shein on Team Dynamics, Being a Mentor and Global Strategies for Australian Startups

Episode 7 Part 3 - Top Tips on How Startup Founders Can Engage with Large Corporates

Episode 7 Part 2 - Melissa Widner on Venture Capital's Gender Funding Gap

Episode 7 Part 1 - Melissa Widner on Why Aren’t There More Women in Venture Capital?

Episode 6 Part 3 - Alan Beattie on How to Develop a Startup Investment Assessment Framework

Episode 6 Part 2 - Alan Beattie on Capital Flow, Tech and Development: Trends in Southeast Asia

Episode 6 Part 1 - Alan Beattie on Latin American Adventures, Entrepreneurial Leadership and Assessing Teams

Episode 5 Part 2 - Kevin O'Hara on How to Be Less Emotional with Your Investments

Episode 5 Part 1 - Kevin O’Hara on Skateboarding, Calculating Risk and Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge

Episode 4 Part 2 - Mark Maloney on Investment Philosophy and Assessing Startup Founders

Episode 4 Part 1 - Mark Maloney on Finding Purpose in Life and Assessing Startup Founders

Episode 3 Part 2 - Tony Surtees on Why Australian Investors are Set to Capitalise on Asian Growth

Episode 3 Part 1 - How to Use Non-Traditional Techniques to Get the Most out of Your Investment, with Tony Surtees

Episode 2 Part 3 - How to Value a Startup in Under 10 Seconds

Episode 2 Part 2 - China, Malaysia and Growing the Startup Investment Ecosystem in Australia

Why I Stopped Trying to Get on the First Page of Google and Started Thinking Outside the Box

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