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The 8 Biggest Problems Facing Australian Startups in 2017

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CapitalPitch recently sent a comprehensive survey to thousands of entrepreneurs around Australia to help us understand and identify common issues facing founders. It’s no secret that Australian startups are a pivotal element to our national economy, and vital for continued domestic investment and job growth.

The snapshot of the startup industry we got from the respondents has helped us help hundreds of startups just like yours; passionate teams and founders which we get to work with each and every day. From issues with raising capital, to sales & marketing, legals and accounting, here are the biggest problems plaguing entrepreneurs from around Australia:

The 8 Biggest Problems Facing Australian Startups in 2017

With this in mind, we want to help. I believe that entrepreneurs can change the world, so it’s madness that investors will ultimately reject 99% of all pitches they receive. And for many businesses, just getting in front of an investor is a mammoth task in itself! So, CapitalPitch has created an array of helpful, free resources - just for entrepreneurs like you.


What is your single biggest challenge with Raising Capital?

Access to investors 40%
Not understanding the process 20%
Not enough traction for investors 19%
Product or business not ready 11%
Not enough time 10%

Resources Available:

1. The Pocket Guide to Raising Capital
Our Pocket Guide to Raising Capital is the best starting point for any entrepreneur exploring avenues for fundraising, and is guaranteed to help you unlock alternative capital raising options for your startup. 

2. 6 Steps to a Successful Capital Raise [VIDEO]
Modelled on our own, unique capital raising platform system, this video was designed to take you through the six essential steps any startup must follow, in order to guarantee themselves the best chance of receiving equity from investors. A must-watch!

3. The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Raising Capital [VIDEO]
As a caveat, we’ve compiled the biggest mistakes we see entrepreneurs make over and over when trying to raise capital. From overvaluing your business to picking the wrong advisors, learn from these common pitfalls to make sure your business has the best chance at success.


What's your single biggest challenge with your technology and product?

Lack of funding 26%
Lack of skills 18%
Pre-seed: nothing built yet 17%
Sales and marketing 14%
Scaling and growth 7%
Market entering strategies 7%
Licensing 7%
Lack of time 4%

Resources Available:

1. Five Key Trends of the Digital Age feat. Glen Carlson [VIDEO]
We are currently living in the golden age of startup fundraising, with investors now more willing than ever to invest and mentor small businesses. Learn from Glen Carlson, author of Key Person of Influence, about how to capitalise on this emerging trend.

2. Fundraising Ideas for Seed and Series A Investment Rounds
This eBook covers the key fundraising ideas that massively reduce the risk of failure when raising a Seed or Series A round. Learn how to Hack the Seed and Series A raises to secure the capital to protect and enhance your technology and product.

3. Tips on Launching Your Startup
Learn how a combination of your team, your ideas and your vision will ultimately synergise and help you secure the capital you deserve. From pre-seed to series, this is your ideal startup journey.


What is the #1 problem you'd like an advisor or advisory board to help you solve?

Raising capital 29%
Scaling and growth 20%
Smart money 15%
Experienced contacts 13%
Sales and marketing 11%
Company structuring 5%
Financial strategies 4%
Market entering strategies 3%

Resources Available:

1. How to find the best business backers [VIDEO]
Hear from some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs about the importance of finding advisors and business backers to your startup. With a wealth of previous experience and access to money-can’t-buy networks, your team of advisors will often make or break an investor’s decision to invest.

2. Seven emails for potential investors
Here are our favourite 7 email templates for potential investors, from the opening pitch to how to say goodbye without burning bridges, knowing how to communicate in the business world will maximise your startups’ goodwill. 

3. Investor Centred Design [VIDEO]
Investor Centred Design is about putting yourself in the shoes of a prospective investor: is the business attractive? Is it safe? Would you be willing to put your own money into this project? Thinking with business empathy will help you create an investable product.


The 8 Biggest Problems Facing Australian Startups in 2017, and how to overcome them


What are you most worried about with your own skills and capabilities that could be addressed through education?

Sales and marketing 29%
Lack of general business acumen 22%
Financial strategies and knowledge 13%
Time management/organisation 13%
Raising capital 9%
Company structure 8%
Scaling and growth 5%
Legal advice 1%

Resources available:

1. How to Nurture an Investor
What better way to better your skills than through learning from an investor or advisor? This eBook was curated to help you build trust with your potential network of investors and advisors, whether that be for capital raising or mentoring.

2. Ultimate Pitch Deck Template Download
Our most popular resource, we’ve looked at hundreds of Pitch Decks from around the world and gathered the feedback from the best investors. With a powerful structure, helpful instructions and beautiful visuals, this is the ultimate resource for learning how to raise capital.


What's the biggest issue with your digital marketing right now?

Lead generation and capture 32%
Lead nurturing and marketing automation 24%
Content creation and distribution 22%
Generating website traffic 21%

1. Seven Content Marketing Secrets Every Startup Should Know
One of our most hotly demanded pieces of content, this digital marketing ebook contains expert tips on how to maximise your ROI with inbound marketing: from finding your target market, to implementing a multi-platform content campaign, guaranteed to amaze your audience and reinforce your lead generation and capture.


What's your biggest challenge with your sales or growth right now?

Securing a big strategic or corporate relationship 32%
Growing my sales team 24%
Creating or scaling a digital conversion process 24%
Closing my first customers 20%

Resources available:

1. Build a Pitch Deck in Under 1 Hour [VIDEO]
This exclusive webinar was designed to help emerging startups create a powerful Pitch Deck in less than an hour. Improve your sales pitch by curating a personalised sales approach and pitch deck, in less than 60 minutes, today!

2. Becoming a Key Person of Influence to Fundraise, Fast! [VIDEO]
Investors are more likely to invest, and customers are more inclined to purchase your goods or service, when you have influence, and can demonstrate the efficacy of your business. Learn how to become a key person of influence to supercharge your fundraising and sales efforts.

 Click here for complete access  to our resource hub!


What is the biggest issue you're facing with legals right now?

Capital raising legal docs like term sheet and shareholders agreement 36%
Intellectual Property 23%
Agreements for employees, clients, suppliers, etc. 17%
Setting up company structure and all initial legal agreements 15%
Co-founder equity split 9%

Resources Available:

1. The Ultimate Guide to Shareholder Updates
This eBook contains all the information you need for generating a world class shareholder update.Discover how a simple, monthly, one-page shareholder update delivered to your entire business network can provide an essential line of transparent communication, maximising positive business goodwill.

2. Understanding Term Sheets for Founders and Investors
Contained within this eBook is everything you need to familiarise yourself with Term Sheets! What they are, why they're important and what both entrepreneurs and investors need to keep in mind during negotiations. Developed to assist both startups and investors in understanding the structure of a typical term sheet from an early stage venture capitalist


What is your biggest challenge with accounting and finances?

Cash flow, reporting, insights and strategic advice 30%
Creating financial projections or budgets 24%
Quarterly or annual reporting and submissions 10%
Setting up Xero accounts and bookkeeping 6%

Resources Available:

1. Cap Table Template
Another very popular offering, here’s our simple yet powerful Capitalisation Table calculator. Easily calculate your valuation and percentage ownership over multiple rounds of funding, including share issues to staff.

2. CapitalPitch's App on the Xero Store
We recently partnered with Xero for a seamless, investor-ready financial projection and reporting application. By syndicating our platform with Xero’s easy to use online accounting software, we are able to perform fast-tracked investment assessments for prospective startups.


So there you have it, our complete remedy kit to the most prominent issues facing Australian startups in 2017. For any more information, feel free to contact me here!


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