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6 Angel Investor Blogs You Should Be Reading

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As an entrepreneur looking for startup capital and advice, it's a good idea to stay connected to as many experts as possible. One way to ensure you have a good handle on all of the venture capital opportunities available to you is to keep up-to-date with angel investor culture. Reading angel investor blogs is a great way to do this, while also gaining valuable new business insights that can help your startup succeed.

These six savvy angel investors have their finger on the pulse of venture capital, and the engaging blogs to prove it:

top angel investor blogs

Peter Shankman

As both a passionate entrepreneur and prolific angel investor, Peter Shankman thoroughly understands both sides of venture capital. Shankman is best known for founding Help a Reporter Out (HARO), which connects journalists on tight deadlines with willing and quotable sources. His blog combines entrepreneurship and investment advice with motivation and ideas for becoming more productive and fulfilled in both business and in life itself.

Angels Den

Are you and your business partners still in the early seed stages of founding a startup? Then the Angels Den blog will be especially helpful, as its value-laden posts are written with a focus on early stage companies. You will gain valuable information here on everything from perfecting your business plan to creating a video pitch that gets results and attracts the right angel investors.

Mark Cuban's Blog Maverick

They don't come more successful than Mark Cuban - owner of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor through the popular television program Shark Tank, on top of his own personal investments. Cuban's blog offers his personal insights, investing advice, and tips on how to become a smarter and more successful entrepreneur, all delivered with his trademark blunt honesty and sense of humor.

Jeffrey E. Finkle's Fink About It

If your startup is in the technology sector, you have to familiarize yourself with Jeffrey E. Finkle and his blog. As a full-time angel investor and adviser to early stage technology startups, Finkle provides unique insights for tech entrepreneurs. His three-part series on identifying and solving problems and common pitfalls in order to avoid failure of your new company is a must-read.

Tim Berry's Planning, Startups, and Stories

Tim Berry is not only the founder of his own very successful company, Palo Alto Software, but is also a long-time angel investor and champion of small businesses. His blog is equal parts inspirational and practical, chock-full of actionable advice you can start using today.

Venture Hacks by AngelList

The Venture Hacks blog is unique because its posts are written by a wide variety of angel investors who invest in different industries. Posts give solid advice from the perspective of angel investors, including how to write and deliver more successful pitches, how to scale your business without suffering through major growing pains, and how to harness the power of the current entrepreneurial revolution without getting completely lost in the shuffle.

Getting matched with angel investors is about more than just money- it's also about learning from their experience and wisdom. By keeping up with angel investor culture via blogs, you will gain a deeper understanding of what investors are looking for in startups, and become more attractive to investors in the process.


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